The Dangers of Trying to Do ALL OF THE THINGS

Are you still feeling stoked after spending some time yesterday tapping into the feeling of what you’ve already achieved, and looking ahead to what you want to challenge yourself to next?

Great! Let’s keep that momentum going, but first, let’s talk about the dangers of trying to do ALL OF THE THINGS at once.

We all know the pattern, right?

This time, let’s outsmart our overly ambitious inclinations by choosing just ONE OF THE THINGS we want to challenge ourselves to achieve and put a (realistic) timeline on completing it.

If I’d set a goal to do ALL 20 yoga practices in one day (or even one week) I’d probably have worn myself out and failed (and maybe even risked injuring myself in the process).

So, let’s choose one thing we’re excited to accomplish, put a timeline on it that feels like a challenge but still doable (maybe even include taking a break?), and start working towards achieving that goal. Deal?

Remember, you want to measure success by your PROGRESS.

You DO NOT want to end up mainlining peanut butter cups at the end of the day because you didn’t accomplish the whole shebang. Right? Right.

Ok, go forth and make progress!

I’ll be back tomorrow with more inspiration and ideas to help you nail even your most ambitious challenges and goals. Look for my email tomorrow afternoon.

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All the love,