My Secret Trick to Staying Inspired

Who doesn’t love the natural high that comes with feeling inspired, right? But how to maintain it…that’s always the rub. That feeling of inspiration seems to fade away faster than Frosty in a greenhouse.

It’s natural for the feeling of inspiration to wax and wane, but it’s easier than you think to set yourself up to feel inspired on a regular basis. I have a whole arsenal of tricks up my sleeves that I use each day to keep myself feeling inspired. I’ll share one of my favorites with you here because I think it is one you can use right now, no matter where you are reading this.

Learn something new.

I don’t care what it is, Google a new keyboard shortcut, learn a new way to drive to the store, learn a new way to make toast, learn a new dance step on YouTube, learn a new word on, etc.

There’s nothing like learning something new to remind yourself of all the amazing opportunities there are to experience life in new and interesting ways. Give learning something new a try! (I’ll wait why you Google)

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At Love U you’ll become more loving by learning:

  • How to Fall in Love with yourself
  • How to stay with yourself (even when people compare you to others)
  • How to offer love to hostile people
  • How to love friends and family members  (even when they disappoint you with their beliefs or say hateful things)
  • How to decide if it’s for the best to end a relationship (and how to do it gracefully)

I know there is a lot of hatefulness going on in the world right now, and it seems amplified through social media channels such as Facebook…SO many people expressing things that make it really hard for us to love. I’m going to show you how to love anyway and it is going to feel so inspiring, empowering, and downright awesome.

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See you at Love U!

All the love,

Danielle 🙂

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