Danielle Daily is a TEDx Speaker, Author, Anthropologist, Trademark Holder, Influencer, Mentor, and Yogi. But most importantly, she loves sharing human stories, wearing red lipstick and discovering new things to share with her fans and followers.

At the core of everything Danielle does is the provocative question,

“I wonder what would happen if…?”

The first way Danielle explores this question for herself, her friends, fans, and followers is by trying new things. All the new things! As many new things as she can pack into a day, a week, a year.

This looks like exploring new places, trying new services, discovering new products and sharing it all through in-person appearances, her multi-platform social media presence, and her podcast, The Suddenly Single Show (request sponsorship and promo info via the contact page).

The second way Danielle probes this question is by sharing not just her adventures, victories, and triumphs but also her perseverance, determination, and grit when battling adversities like anxiety, being a natural introvert, and the grief of a devastating divorce. Although each of these very human battles has proven difficult, all have subsequently helped her to rise towards becoming the fearless, beautiful, and powerful woman she has always aspired to be.

Ultimately, Danielle inspires people with her sense of courage and playfulness coupled with a willingness to take risks, admit her mistakes, and reveal her vulnerabilities. Fans know she is a reliable source of positivity and a strong advocate for people, products, experiences, ideas, and resources she thinks are awesome.

Danielle is often giddy with the satisfaction she receives from sharing the places and things she loves with the people she loves and is always eager to share something new with her fans and followers!

Danielle’s fans and followers are a local and global audience of women (75%) and men (25%), including top 5% income earners, community leaders, media personalities, lifestyle entrepreneurs, podcasters, authors, bloggers, coaches, health and fitness enthusiasts, yogis, meditators, runners, foodies, avid readers, and natural product devotees who aspire to enjoy new experiences, try new things, and proactively build the fulfilling life and lifestyle they want.

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This little introvert has grown into a very social person