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3 Resources That Are Perfect For Keeping You Inspired

Happy Monday!

I woke up to a light coating of snow in my neck of the woods this morning so I’m typing this email to you from under the cozy covers to keep warm.

I know you have a full week ahead of you, so today I thought I’d provide you with a short list of resources that are perfect for keeping you inspired.

The first two resources I’m recommending below are (admittedly) dated. The third is more modern, I promise!

I say these first two resources are dated, not because they have become irrelevant, but because I read these books between 5 and 10 years ago.

However, each was instrumental in helping me to think more positive thoughts, make better decisions, and take more positive actions. I still teach the methods I learned from these books today, so it felt to me like they were still worth sharing in case they hadn’t made it onto your radar yet.

Sometimes oldies are goodies, right?

The first book I’m recommending to keep you inspired is, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.

This book has been popular for decades, and you may already have a copy, but if not, it contains great information about how our thoughts impact our bodies along with dozens of specific affirmations you can use anytime you need them.

The second book I’m recommending is A Complaint Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted by Will Bowen.

This book contains a 21-day challenge that was really REALLY difficult and uncomfortable for me but completing it helped me become conscious of how I think and speak and make changes to both. I can’t recommend taking the Complaint-Free challenge highly enough!

For today’s final recommendation I proudly offer my own book, Dear Self, I Love You! Keep Going!: 365 Inspiring Notes from My Bittersweet Year of Heartbreak and Healing.

This nearly 400-page book contains an ENTIRE YEAR’S worth of inspiring notes that (with the free Kindle app) you can download onto your phone or tablet so you’ll have inspiration at your fingertips no matter where you are (I’m told the notes also make beautiful screensavers and wallpaper).

One reviewer called  Dear Self, “One of the best inspirational books out there. Another said, If you want words to inspire you, motivate you, make you smile and feel like you are enough, grab yourself a copy. I couldn’t put it down! Thank you for sharing your beautiful words with the world.”

That’s all for today. I hope you find one (or all) of these books helpful for keeping you inspired. If you grab a copy of my book be sure to let me know what you loved about it by leaving a rating and review on Amazon.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a post on the 5 Best Practices for Staying Focused, so look for my email then.

All the love,

D 🙂

P.S. If you want more inspiration or to chat with me, I host a LIVE daily show called The Danielle Daily. You can tune in here weekdays at 3:00 pm ET/ 12:00 pm PT to ask me questions or just soak up the good vibes. If you do pop in, be sure say hello in the comments. I don’t know who is watching unless you comment, so you can come incognito if you’d prefer. See you there sometime!

P.P.S. I LOVE writing a P.S. because it reminds me of passing notes with friends back in grade school!  🙂

The Ineffective Truth

Nothing frustrates me more than feeling like my actions are ineffective and I’m spinning my wheels.

All that energy put into something, and yet, the result is no change in the status quo. Grrrrr!

Sometimes this happens because I don’t know what I’m not “getting.” If someone would just PLEASE tell me what to do and in what order I. Would. Do. It. IMMEDIATELY.

We’re happy to do the right activities in the right order, but sometimes we simply don’t know what they are, right?

But sometimes (okay, most of the time) it only seems like no change is happening and our efforts feel ineffective because we’re too focused on the outcome to see the micro-accomplishments and changes that are happening as we move closer and closer to accomplishing our goals.

I remember one hot August afternoon last year when I almost gave up writing my 365 Notes to Self book. At that point, I only had about 40 entries left to make to complete it. Quitting would have been crazy, right? Inside it felt like I’d been working on it for SO LONG (and still had so far to go), but the reality was, I was nearly done.

The only reason I didn’t give up was because my Mom encouraged me to Keep Going! I’m so glad I did because my book is doing exactly what I hoped it would do: inspiring people around the world by filling them with strength, hope, faith, and infusing them with the certainty that they are enough.

I know making your way towards an achievement can feel like a long hard road, really I DO, but keep going. Your actions are not ineffective (even though it can feel like it), and you’ve likely already put in the bulk of the effort and the outcome will make a difference for you and countless others.

Today I’m here to remind you that if you are tired rest, but don’t quit. Okay?

Remember what that feeling of accomplishment feels like? Take a rest and then use that feeling to DRIVE YOU ON.

You are capable of anything. (I know you know that I’m just reminding you in case you temporarily forgot)

I’ll be back with more reminders and encouragement tomorrow. Look for my email around this same time.

All the love,



P.S. If you want more inspiration or to chat with me, I host a LIVE daily show called The Danielle Daily. You can tune in here weekdays at 3:00 pm ET/ 12:00 pm PT to ask me questions or just soak up the good vibes. If you do pop in, be sure say hello in the comments. I don’t know who is watching unless you comment. See you there sometime!

Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL?

I’m so excited to announce that my baby girl is ALMOST HERE! My Notes to Self have been a more than a year-long labor of love, and the eBook edition will be released later this month.

Earlier this week I signed off on the final draft of the cover, and today I received the completed cover. I had to share it with you because it is just so dang pretty!

If I haven’t said so lately, thank you so much for going on this journey with me. Your enthusiasm for the project and your words of encouragement have meant the world to me. I’ll keep you posted on when the book becomes available for Kindle later this month (just in time for holiday gift-giving).
All the Love,