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Looking confident and powerful in her red dress, Danielle Daily (formerly Danielle Watson) is mighty proud her intellectual creativity landed her an invitation to the TEDx stage back in 2015. However, you’ll probably be even more inspired by the heartbreaking human story going on behind the scenes the day she delivered the talk than the talk itself. If you don’t know the story, you can read about it in the foreword to her book: Dear Self, I Love You! Keep Going! Available on Amazon here.

From traditional media like TV’s Good Morning Washington, to radio shows and podcasts hailing from as far away as Australia and South Africa, Danielle is internationally recognized as a strong leader, speaker, innovator, and influencer. Below you’ll find a sample of her numerous media appearances and confirmation of her versatility across subjects and media platforms.



ABC7-Good Morning Washington

With more than 40 million Americans using online dating, it’s natural for parents to feel hesitant about how much they disclose in their profiles. Danielle chats with lead anchor Autria Godfrey about using the GROW formula to put together a dating profile with family safety in mind.

AZTV-Arizona Daily Mix

In this edition of the Arizona Daily Mix, Danielle chats with host Danielle Williams (They’re the DD’s) about using her GROW formula for dating apps to find love after divorce.



Gresham Harkless, host of I Am CEO, interviewed Danielle about what she believes defines a CEO, her favorite CEO hacks and her CEO nugget. A short and sweet listen.


Brilliant You

Janet Zaretsky interviews Danielle on Brilliant You about reinventing herself with confidence and love. Reimagining your future is a difficult and emotional process, but you’ll find her story is both powerful and inspirational!



Moms With Dreams

In this episode of Moms with Dreams with Erica Blocker, Danielle shares her journey of healing through writing and why she calls herself an accidental author. She also talks about the experience that taught her how to be ok with things not being ok and how her perspective on life shifted as a result.


Unlimited Influence

Sam Riley, the host of the Unlimited Influence podcast found Danielle all the way from Australia! In this episode, Danielle and Sam talk about how to tap into your resilience in the times that are the hardest as well as where to focus when you’re creating a personal brand identity and voice to ensure it’s fascinating to other people.


Her Money Matters

If you were not the one in charge of the finances, managing money post-divorce can be extremely stressful. Especially if you have baggage about money from childhood. Jen Hemphill and Danielle chat about how she dealt with the changes in her finances and the best money advice she has received.


Join Up Dots

All the way from the UK, Join Up Dots host David Ralph welcomes Danielle to the show for the second time and interviews her about building confidence, eschewing comparison, and creating community.



Network and Spill

Whitney Danielle interviews Danielle about networking, The Suddenly Single Show, and how to be vulnerable to get to the next level in life.

The Real Hadeel

Hadeel Ghaida interviews Danielle about her book, Dear Self, I Love You! Keep Going!, and how writing to herself helped her develop the self-awareness to master her inner voice.

The Spitfire Podcast

Danielle joins Lauren LeMunyan for a deep discussion on expectations, courage, making friends as an adult, and strategies for introverts to network.

The Creative Marketing Zone

Host Eric Koch talks with Danielle about building a remarkable brand with an awesome community in full support of your mission and movement by opening up and sharing your struggles towards achieving personal greatness.


The Author Inside You

We are often reminded about the importance of promoting our book after it is written, but on this episode of The Author Inside You, author The Danielle Daily shares great advice about promoting your book before you begin writing with hosts, Matt and Leah Rafferty.

Dreamers Podcast

This is Danielle’s third appearance on the Dreamers Podcast with Super Joe Pardo. In this episode, Joe and Danielle talk about how she wrote her book, Dear Self, I Love You! Keep Going!, and why she ALMOST didn’t publish it.



Financial Fluency

This is Danielle’s second appearance on Financial Fluency with Jen Turrell. Danielle and Jen chat about how the heartbreak of divorce ended up helping Danielle fulfill a life-long dream by making her an accidental author and why Danielle believes being able to self-soothe may be a more important skill for adults than children.



Quarter Life Comeback

Host Bryan Teare found Danielle all the way from South Africa and was fascinated by how She’d reimagined her career possibilities and reinvented herself after divorce.  Together on The Quarter Life Comeback, they dive deeply into how to figure out what’s next for you and how to tell if you’re on the right track.


TASCAM Talkback

Many Podcasters are missing out on the majority of their episode marketing cycle. Listen in as the Bruce Wawrzyniak interview Danielle on TASCAM Talkback about her seven opportunities to pre-promote your podcast episodes on social media.


NoVA Weekend Warriors

Danielle Watson talks with host Meg Donnelly about how she found a new sense of friendship, inclusion, and community through running.

Listen to “E17 – Run Towards Community with Danielle Watson” on Spreaker.

Anella Wetter

Anella interviewed Danielle about her daily practice of writing an encouraging note to herself as she navigated the painful waters of divorce. Those notes became her book. We also talked about the personal transformation that happens when you begin peeling away the layers of yourself that are not really you and how to support yourself through this very vulnerable feeling process.



New Inceptions

This is an interview Danielle gave before her book was complete on how she found the strength to rise up and deliver her TEDx talk, in spite of the fact that I felt like life has just punched her in the gut. You can listen to it using this link.



What’s the Word

This is Danielle’s second appearance on What’s the Word with host Cheval John. Cheval interviews Danielle on what inspired her book, trusting your gut, reinventing yourself, fulfilling your dreams, why she started The Danielle Daily show and letting your creativity fly!