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The TELEVISION Debut of the GROW Formula for Dating Apps

The GROW formula is growing.

This week I traveled from Washington DC to Phoenix Arizona to talk about finding love after divorce ON TELEVISION!

Despite recent 120-degree temperatures in Phoenix, when Arizona Daily Mix host Danielle Williams invited me to be a guest on her show I immediately booked a flight.

It was so much fun to be back on TV, and I’m excited to report the show’s producer eagerly invited me to return to share about my book, Dear Self, I Love You! Keep Going!, so you’ll definitely be seeing me on AZTV again later this year.

Here we are, Danielle Watson and Danielle Williams (the double D’s), talking about GROW and how to use dating apps to find love after divorce.

If you have single friends frustrated with dating after divorce share the GROW formula with them. The first class is free and it’s easy to sign up right here.




Are you ready to start dating again? 10 signs you should wait

Dating can temporarily relieve the pain and emotional distress we all feel when a relationship ends.

But, when we start dating to relieve sadness, loss, and rejection instead of to share the happy life we’re living, we end up participating in a cycle of emotional dependence that does not lead to happiness or a lasting relationship. (I know you know this but I’m reminding you because a broken or lonely heart makes us do strange and irrational things sometimes.)

The difficult emotions that accompany the end of a relationship are an opportunity to build our inner strength, for personal growth, and to develop our ability to self-soothe and practice emotional independence that few people chose to fully explore.

If you’re experiencing the signs below you’re definitely not ready to start dating again. Consider this a friendly sanity check just in case you were thinking about launching yourself out there before you’re really ready.

10 Signs You’re NOT Ready to Start Dating Again:

  1. You haven’t yet let yourself really feel all you are feeling because you are afraid of your emotions.
  2. You can’t imagine anything other than being in a relationship feeling normal or desirable.
  3. When you go to bed at night it still feels like the empty space beside you might roll over and crush you.
  4. You haven’t gone out socially with old friends or attempted to make new ones.
  5. You’re worried no one will ever really love you or want to be with you.
  6. You feel disconnected from the things that once brought you joy.
  7. You wonder if your single status is some kind of karmic punishment.
  8. You’re willing to have sex with someone who says they are not looking for a relationship in hopes that sex will change their mind.
  9. You swipe through dating apps not really sure what you are looking for.
  10. Happiness feels like something only someone else can bring to your life.

It’s tempting to jump back into dating as soon as a relationship ends, but there is so much wisdom and inner strength to be gained from waiting until you’ve had the chance to grow from that experience before starting to date again. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Being single isn’t always easy, but the feelings of confidence and self-love you will experience when you first succeed at finding happiness without depending on anyone else to make you happy are massive personal achievements. Trust me, these not only feel great but are sexy as hell, too!

Take the time to make yourself happy before you start dating again.

When you’ve done that, you’ll be ready to meet someone who is as wonderful to be in a relationship with as you are. I promise you will LOVE how that feels.

Are Dating Apps a Waste of Time?

You may have heard your single friends complaining that dating apps like Bumble and Tinder are a waste of time and that they’ve been using them for months but haven’t connected with anyone decent. What you need to understand is that this is happening to them because they are using dating apps incorrectly.

Dating apps are a powerful tool that almost no one understands how to use to meet the right person. This leads to wasting hours trying to meet someone (to no avail) which results in users feeling jaded about dating apps and even dating in general.

What this pint-sized anthropologist in a dress has noticed is people are using a tool that is as powerful as a magic wand as merely a back scratcher or a toothpick.

A dating app can perform the almost magical feat of delivering someone amazing and who wants to have a relationship with you right to your phone; but ONLY when you understand how to use it the right way!

It’s not the apps’ fault if people fail to recognize the power it holds or doesn’t use it correctly.

You can use a dating app to meet someone who would be an amazing partner for you and who will hold your hand under the table at dinner, text you first thing in the morning, and stand beside you through life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Some of the reasons your friends are not connecting with anyone decent:

  • They are missing the boat on when to ask for the date (timing is crucial) 
  • Their communication style is ineffective 
  • They don’t know what they are looking for (or looking at) when they swipe 
  • They are trying to play a game instead of being warm and genuine 
  • They are blaming the reason they are not meeting someone great on the lack of good people out there instead of realizing that the problem might be their own behaviors

Dating apps are not a waste of time. When you use my formula for dating apps, your worst problem could end up being having to choose which amazing person to meet in real life first.

There are 4 simple steps to using dating apps effectively and I have outlined these steps in my GROW formula.

Step 1: Give

Step 2: Receive

Step 3: Offer

Step 4: Win

When you go to make the offer to meet in Step 3, how you make it is the most crucial step. I’ll get you started connecting with the right people by providing you with Step 1 (Give) for FREE below.

If you find that the way I teach you to execute Step 1 feels good, I know you’ll be eager to buy the rest of the formula so you can learn the right way to offer to meet someone in person. But, start with the free class so you’re confident that this way feels more natural than what other people are telling you to do, ok?

There’s a lot of advice on how to date out there, but this formula absolutely works with dating apps and it will feel more comfortable and natural for both you and your match.

Someone amazing is just waiting for your swipe. Take the free class here because success never stopped meaning having someone to share it all with, did it? You’re ready, and I’ll bet it’s high time you put yourself back out there.