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Is this the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen?

This is Tennyson Rose, also affectionately known as baby T. I have permission from her mommy to use this photo of Tennyson (thank you, Tori!).

When I saw the look of excitement and happiness on baby T’s face I couldn’t help but feel inspired by her zeal for the unknown and I can’t imagine a more shining example of why a positive focus matters.

Baby T isn’t even 2 yet, so it wasn’t that long ago that she was struggling to sit up, suffering through her first cold, or falling on her bottom while learning to walk.

In spite of all that, her enthusiasm for the unknown remains undiminished and her focus remains positive. Good things happen in life and painful things, too no matter what our age.

Each day really is a mixed bag of experiences and emotions, isn’t it? Happiness, laughter, tears, and wondering if we’ll ever recover or if things will really all will be okay in the end.

It’s so easy to let the yucky stuff cause us to forget that good happen each day, too.

What I love about baby T is that she hasn’t yet learned to dwell on the painful stuff happening in the world or worry about what uncomfortable experiences might be in her in the future, she simply takes life as it comes and expects that something exciting is always around the next corner.

If that’s not the right way to live, I don’t know what is.

No matter what uncomfortable or painful experiences we’ve experienced or will experience, a positive focus ensures that we are present for and participate in the fun, exciting, and joyful ones, too.

Note: A positive focus does not mean we stop acknowledging that bad things happen (last time I checked denial wasn’t healthy or an effective strategy). However, a positive focus does mean we refuse to allow the bad to keep us from acknowledging the good, and that my friend, is POWER.

Today when we’re faced with the unknown, let’s think like baby T and take life as it comes. I mean, how many awesome moments have already happened in your life? Why stop believing there will be more moments like that around the corner?

I’ll be back soon with another inspiration-packed blog.

All the love,



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WOW. You are not going to believe this! Yesterday my YouTube channel was shut down due to

“Multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.”


Apparently, The Danielle Daily Show had practically committed a criminal offense!

The thing is, (as far as I could tell) I hadn’t committed any of the above violations (and if I had, certainly not in multiples!).

When I let friends on Facebook know what had happened, some reported similar experiences with their videos being suddenly removed (and all of their content and subscribers lost).

Fortunately, I was able to contact customer service, where The Powers That Be quickly restored my channel and my videos. I don’t know exactly what happened that triggered being banned in the first place, or why “They” decided to restore my channel and videos, but I am so so happy they did!

The Danielle Daily Show is your place to find something POSITIVE, FUN or INSPIRING each weekday. The LIVE broadcast happens on Facebook (email me if you want the details on how to watch LIVE) and then I upload the recording to YouTube.

If you haven’t yet checked out this tiny corner of the internet that I’ve been carving out for positive minded people like us, I thought you might want to take a look (and subscribe) before someone else decides to try and ban positivity.

So that was my big to-do yesterday. What’s new with you?

All the love,